As we are now into the second period of ‘national lockdown’, there have been a few small changes we have made to our routines:

We are asking that all parents and carers wear a face-covering when dropping off or picking up children, you will see that our staff team are also wearing face coverings when not in their usual ‘bubble’ – such as when collecting children, entering the kitchen and so on. We are finding that children are generally fine with this process as they are now used to seeing everyone this way.

We are restricting visits for prospective parents / children to outside our opening hours, this way there is no possible contact with children or our room based staff team. Such visitors can only currently visit the room their child is likely to attend and this room is ‘fogged’ with a disenfectant solution afterwards.

Settling sessions for new children can go ahead as before, however we are restricting parent / carer access to a degree and this will be discussed when arranging settling sessions.